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Working wear ltd is a UK based leading supplier of top quality work wear and accessories for smaller and larger companies from diverse sectors.

We offer you work wear like trousers, water proof jackets, body warmers, flame-retardant-garments, chef’s wear, t-shirts and polo shirts, aprons and tabards, belts, caps, footwear, head gear and fleece jackets.

We are specialists in corporate uniforms, work wear and personal protection equipment and we sell the best brands in the market.

Whether you are looking for men’s workwear or women’s workwear, you will find all kinds of workwear with us at reasonable prices and in various sizes to suit your needs. From nursing uniforms and healthcare uniforms to personalised workwear, outerwear, and high visibility clothing, you can pick anything that meets your professional and safety requirements in the workplace.

At Working Wear Ltd. you will also get a wide variety of men’s shirts, waterproof jackets, women’s tops and blouses, fleece jackets and slim fit trousers. So, whether you need to work during snowy winters, harsh summers or in the rainy season, our men’s and women’s work apparel will make your task comfortable and efficient. 

Our bespoke work garments are of very high quality and exceptional durability. They are often available in different colours, and cater to professionals from hospitality industry, hospital industry, construction field, restaurants, beauty industry and even the corporate sector.  Polo shirts for men are perfect for casual wear as well, while the blouses for women can be worn on formal occasions too. Paired with slim fit work trousers, these will look great and very impressive.

You can also pick from a wide range of work boots, safety Wellingtons, thermal socks, non-slip ice grabber shoes and perforated trainers, depending on the field you work in and on the season. Headwear like fleece hats, baseball caps, and beanie style hats are also on offer. Gloves with grip are available besides women’s workwear like health tunics, ladies’ coats, ladies’ Magda trousers and more.    


Customer Care

We pride ourselves on our friendly, efficient and reliable service.

Our professional and experienced staff will help you to process your order efficiently and will advise you on all your workwear needs.

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